New DJ / Show Alert – Sherif Sidarous
May 29, 2017

In the Mix with Sherif Sidarous

Tuesday Nights : 9 pm cst - 10 pm cst
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DH – Tiger (Do The Put Put)
May 2, 2017
Successful Attorney with Savvy Humorous Skilled Talent Releases First Single, “Tiger (Do the Putt-Putt)”   Born Dan Hanecak and known to the rap/music world as DH, some would say this unique artist mimics a sound similar to Eminem mixed with a hint of “Weird Al” Yankovic of the new generation. With his unique creativity, he has created a sound of his own that stands apart of any artist out there today.   Attorney to many and recording artist to the world, DH is about to unleash his first Single, Tiger (Do the Putt Putt), produced & written by Dan "DH" Hanecak himself and Bo Han Yang "Bo Haan." Tiger (Do the Putt Putt) is a golf-themed rap song that will be released on February 16, 2017 on iTunes and throughout other Digital Media Outlets. The video to the single is currently on YouTube and will be released following the single on VEVO and other video outlets nationwide.   “What sets DH apart from other talented lyricists is his uncanny ability to walk the line between banging club beat and clever word play. Reminiscent of Outkast, he brings a head bobbing party track with a surprising amount of lyrical depth swimming just beneath the surface of a catchy chorus,” says DH’s label mate Bo Haan.   The song coaches listeners how to do a new dance, the putt putt,” which mimics the putting motion, but the song and video draw aspects of golf from all over: Tiger Woods’ career, movies (Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack), and of course, golf lingo. DH abruptly stops the song with a bridge to engage his listeners, whispering, “Silence! Golf clap!” encouraging them to join in with an applause synonymous with the sport.   Dan “DH” Hanecak’s path to the rap game is anything but ordinary. He is a San Diego attorney who has decided that it’s his time to make a mark on Hip-Hop and he has definitely landed a Hole-in One!   For more info please visit: For Story Opportunities Please Contact: Trevino Enterprises @ (818) 302-0030 ext. 302 or via email:
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Lady Elizabeth Townsend – My King Jesus
April 5, 2017
Native of Washington State, Born in the small town of Ellensburg, Washington. Elizabeth begin singing at an early age in her hometown where she grew up in Yakima, Washington in her church, with her sister's called the Voices of Holiness under the director of their song leader K. L. Williams. Elizabeth's Mother, Mary Francis Marshall Williams, played the Piano at the Church they attended and fostered Elizabeth's love for singing and poetry. Check out the promo video for "My King Jesus" on Youtube here At an early age Elizabeth was diagnosed with Acute Thyroid Disease, which caused her to lose her voice. So she quit singing and found a career in healthcare for the elderly while she continued to write poetry in her spare time. Though she wouldn't leave music for long. After graduating from the University of Phoenix, the lord blessed her once more with the use of her voice after winning her battle with Thyroid Disease. While her newly rediscovered voice was left horse and strained, she never stopped singing the praises of her lord and began releasing music on her own in 2012 Click the photo below to view the promo video for "My King Jesus" Fast forward to 2016, after years of hard work, dedication, and praise to the father on high, Elizabeth has miraculously topped the gospel radio charts, garnering over 2,900 spins in just a month of February alone! This achievement has been recognized by the Akademia in Las Angeles, California, and have nominated Elizabeth the 2016 Rising Artist Award! Lady Elizabeth Townsend - "My King Jesus" on Best of luck to Lady Elizabeth and her team as they go into the night await the final verdict on the winner of the 2016 Rising Artist award! Get up on the latest @
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