DJ Fusion
Fusion Filez
Week Nights : 5pm - 9pm CST
Drive Time Traffic mix
Week Nights : 5:15pm - 5:45pm CST
Mixtapes In The Mornings
Weekday Mornings : 6am - 10am CST
DJ Peter K
The Peter K Project
Tuesday Nights : 8pm - 9pm CST
DJ Fabulust
Fabulust Lunch Hour
Week Days 11am - 3pm
The After Set
Tuesday Nights - 7pm - 8pm
DJ Midas EFX
The Midas Touch
Weeknights - 12am - 4am
Sherif Sidarous
In The Mix With Sherif Sidarous
Tuesday Nights : 9 pm CST - 10 pm CST